ABAP Performance Tuning Checkpoints

Run the program and check how much time its taking depending upon data volume.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Hit a database table only once.
  • Use full primary key for data retrieval wherever possible with the fields in the where clause in sequence as in DB
  • Retrieve data from the DB on one hit,i.e. avoid SELECT-ENDSELECT block, as shown below:

  • 1
    SELECT f1 f2 f3
    from DB_TABLE
    into table I_TAB
    where f1 = '01' and
    f2 = '03'.

  • Avoid using MOVE-CORRESPONDING statement, use MOVE instead.
  • Avoid nested selects.
  • Avoid nested loops use parallel cursor instead.
  • Use table operations instead of operations within as loop.
  • Use binary search addition in READ TABLE when more than 20 records.Don't forget to sort the internal table.

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